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Marketing Executive turned Entrepreneur, Hoda left Corporate America in pursuit of self-discovery and a healthier lifestyle, and discovered her life's passion along the way. In 2010, Hoda took a leap and invested her all into starting Molly’s Milk Truck—a Hoboken, NJ based mobile food and beverage spot that offers premium quality, accessible, healthy alternatives to American classics. After several successful years in the food truck business, and an increased demand in Molly’s Milk Truck’s Food & Beverages, Hoda decided it was time to take on the restaurant industry with the same mindset - launching Molly's Milk Truck Sweet & Savory. She never settles for anything less than the best, and is determined to provide you with premium quality, accessible, clean eats.


Savory Chef

After graduating from Johnson & Whales University, Joseph's innate passion for food led him to work for some of the worlds finest restaurants. His craft was perfected at The Fat Duck, Mugaritz, and Per Se. Joseph has joined Hoda for the launch of her first brick and mortar location, Molly's Milk Truck Sweet & Savory - located at 214 Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In his free time he loves kicking the sh*t out of people at muay thai class and drinking craft beers. He is going to kill me for adding this to our website 😊 
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